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Maicon Santiago Aliaga Machado (born in 1980 in Santos, Sao Paulo – Brazil, from Spanish descent), is a polymath scientist and astronomer of vast erudition multidisciplinary, specialized universities in different parts of the world. It biologist, astrophysicist and a doctorate in astronomy by I. B. University, Madrid, Spain together with California University FCE, Los Angeles, USA

He currently works with themes such as the origin and evolution of the chaotic universe and conduct investigations in theoretical physics. In 2010, Autotropic Interpretation proposed of the Universe (also known as Interpretation of Santiago) in a universe that has very little random or organized, resulting in a vast odds in parallel worlds. His studies of quantum probabilities of a multiversal autotropia resulted in the formulation of other importants two theories:

1. Explanation of the functioning of the brain coded informational;

2. Possible emergence of consciousness through the laws of quantum mechanics.

These theories have in part on previous theories of information and codes, and partly hypothetical models of theoretical physics, in addition to features that until now had been addressed only in science fiction.

Creation of a Parallel Universe

In his book The Creation of a Parallel Universe, discusses the hypothesis that at some point there is equal probability for each event initiated in the universe, continually increasing, in relative inequality of evolution, the total entropy of information. Maicon this book shows that beyond these probabilities behave as neutral grounds of spontaneity, they said random fields act in the brain causing the information processing and recall of memories.


Autotropic Interpretation (or Interpretation of Santiago): Interpretation of the quantum universe is implicitly set by the tendency to self-destruction continues. For Maicon, the organization of the universe is made possible thanks to its tendency to void interaction in zero field in a vacuum. This proposal is based on the possible hidden dimensions of the event before the Big Bang. According to M-theory, multidimensional structures constituted membranes (branes) are shocked and our universe originated from other successive parallel universes. This source refers the matter in a tendency to cancel itself, causing microscopic events responsible for increased probabilities in nature.

This interpretation is focused primarily on the minimum time can be measured, the Planck time, which supplies the very short interval of time in which the transition pocessa photon energy between the quantum gravity (theory under construction) and the geometry of the space -time described by the Theory of General Relativity by Albert Einstein. There is a great approximation between this theory and the expected quantum theory of gravity, because the very small range of photon energy of the transition proposed by Santiago (Santiago known as minimum or minimum energy of Planck), offers a vast field of research related with the origin of the radiation energy of light quantum gravitational scale.

Santiago suggests that the universe, from very minuscule scales as quantum gravity, has autoconfiguracional nature, to which we owe the term “autotropia”, where the energy of vacuum (described by Quantum Electrodynamics – QED) receives an energy “Tropic” (from growth and self-annihilation), whose regularity is enough for the physical constants of the universe visible are preserved. Moreover, this theory is a typical complement of probabilistic postulates of parallel universes, also known as the Many Worlds Interpretation (IMM).

Theory Evocatrópica (Tropic Function of Memory Evocation): Describes the potential of evoking memories in the brain measured in bits per second, suggesting the probability of an unordered set of neural codes that become objects of consciousness reading ordered (quantum officer) .

Brain Theory of Fields (Fields Probabilistic Brain): Is the description of the probability of recall and association of neural codes of the past with the present (with a link that explains codificativa associative memory). Its ramifications are probabilistic fields of action and joint differential entropy of informational codes.

Academic and Social Situation

Maicon Santiago is considered one of the most brilliant scientists of our time, whose recent controversial theories and models are typical of genius not seen since the theories of Stephen Hawking’s black holes and parallel universes of Hugh Everett and David Deutsch. It is the first scientist to investigate the XXI century the functioning of the brain in terms of quantum mechanics, in addition to pioneering the study of the evolution of the autotropic universe .

It was recognized at 3 years of age as a child prodigy because of his incredible intellectual capacity and data episodes for having surpassed their teachers in logical reasoning. Later his genius was being confirmed. Between 9 and 10 years was not interested in school. Preferred to read books of science and disagreed with the way teachers teach, with some even challenge some of their teachers. Some teachers are very chatearam with Maicon because they no longer compactuavam with his audacity and intellectual superiority in the classroom.

From the age of 11, his ability in mathematics, knowledge of geography and especially in the arts led him through several times to be elected as an aid to their teachers (at another school), which worked by teaching and correcting proofs. He had a troubled childhood and very different from other children. Spent most time questioning the operation of things: plants, airplanes, locomotives, etc.. Parents often do not know what to do with so many complicated questions about the origin of man and the phenomena of nature. From very early showed great scientific vocation. He was always interested in the workings of the universe, very disturbed and away from children’s games and friendships. He lived a problematic adolescence, which faced serious psychological problems and difficulties in social adaptation.

After his graduation in 2003, in the pedagogical field (integrated by the foundation of Russian origin FKB – São Paulo State), became interested in how the teaching of mathematics in schools could be improved to promote global learning. Came to develop methods to a more didactic transmission of knowledge of mathematics and physics within a pedagogical program for schools and universities. Unfortunately this work has not had great success due to the unfavorable model of educational policies in this season.

In 2008 he specialized in Neuroscience and Cell Biology by B. I. University of Madrid. Had advanced in his studies in astrophysics, and received his Ph.D. in 2010, entitled by California University FCE, Los Angeles (USA).

Academic Awards and Titles

Dr. Maicon Santiago was awarded several honorary degrees and diplomas of honor, in accordance with the regulations of the UN charter.

Honorific expepcionais for work in psychology, anthropology (one of the specialties in which earned a doctorate), theology (Doctor in this area is also the site – MG), Social Sciences and Molecular Biology (specialization in Cell Biology).

Honorific world’s philosophical and psychoanalytic research (obtained a doctorate in depth psychology in 2007 – Esp. Psicossomatologica Psychoanalysis).

Received title in 2008 as a writer and promoter of scientific status in recognition for his work in Neuroscience, Physics and Astronomy Theoretically (obtained Ph.D. in Physics in 2010).

He received the 2009 international titles and medals for the formulation of the theory Autotropica (auto-tropic approach the multiverse).

It was qualified with Diploma Supplement in 2008 by the European Union (EU) honoring your degree of specialization in Neuroscience and Cell Biology.

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Eliseu Beltran (Federal Institute of Science and Technology of São Paulo)



  1. This is the first scientist to researching the trophic quantum evolution of the universe. The way of your research is very different and promises a new testament in science of the astrophysics. M. Santiago is a genius!

  2. The explanation of the quantum trophic? That`s all? How quantum trophic nature can to expl about the quantum evolution en terms of modern phisics? We know that Santiago`s autothropic theory has been a model of universe between classic description and modern interpretation. And your theory has been more and more in conform with the results of the NASA researches. That is, your theory is so complex and polemic for this motive. Santiago is a real great intelectual of modern science.

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